*We are currently back in the USA, resting and gearing up for our next adventure. We’re not seeking requests at the moment, but feel free to comment anyway and say hi!

Have a song you’d like us to play? Maybe as we’re making our way through [EUROPEAN COUNTRY], finding ourselves suddenly in a remote but beautiful corner of [CITY], while the [ETHNICITY] people look on and, if we’re lucky, drop [FOREIGN CURRENCY] into our [DONATION RECEPTICLE]? Maybe you’re looking for [SONG TITLE], or perhaps just any song from the [DECADE]‘s. Maybe you’d like us to be wearing [COSTUME] or attempting to [FANCY TRICK] while we sing? Whatever it is, let us know so that we can make your wildest dreams come [T/F], and send you the video.

P.S. We’re thrilled at the number of requests we’ve gotten. We’ll be picking the most creative ones and filming them during the coming weeks, but please don’t be disappointed if we’re unable to get to yours.