Exhibit A

by B.T.D.

2 weeks after the trip ended, and the memories are already starting to reorder themselves in unpredictable ways. Here are some prominent ones right now:

1. A 15-euro salad of grandiose proportions at a Parisian cafe. God what didn’t that thing have? There were potatoes crisped to perfection, dressing like a vinegar-y nectar, and meat so tasty it served as a reminder why God made animals out of the stuff.

2. Our first real busking day in Brugge, culminating in a performance at dusk in a silent square. Some kind of large Flemish monument in the background. In its shadow we played to the semi-circular crowd; afterwards we heard for the first time the best complement possible: “Congratulations.”

3. Strong sweet Trappist beer at the ancient wooden bar later that night.

4. Playing at the vacant corner spot on the busy crowded market street. The first time the police came, they berated only the assembled crowd for blocking traffic; the second time, they stopped us only reluctantly because the music was, “Really quite nice.”

5. Our pre-made amphitheater by the outdoor market in Berlin. If there’s anywhere from our entire trip I want to busk again, it’s here.

6. Sleeping four-to-a-floor at our lovely hostess Stacey’s in Salzburg.

7. Gelato, and gelato, and gelato, at our primo table on the river at Cacao in Ljubljana. Here me and Auyon made our “Ace” in Psychic Terets by saying “eyes” at the exact same moment with absolutely no clues or precursors. Kind of romantic, no?

8. Boating down the Grand Canal in Venice, peering down the tributary canals spanned by bridges, each glimpse a one-way ticket to Gorgeousville.

9. There’s a bridge in Florence that’s a street with 4-story buildings lining it overlooking the river. Still don’t get it. What lottery did the lucky bastards who live there win?

10. I got stung by a jellyfish in Nice during my first 5 seconds in the Mediterranean. Needless to say, by dint of extreme bravery and force of will, rather than leaving the water, I channeled my fear toward getting Dave and Aroop to join me there so that hopefully they’d get stung too and I’d have company. Instead it turned into a BuskTillDawn v. Waves championship match, with BTD as the clear winners.

11. Ethiopian food in Paris. It’s like a giant plate full of heaven that you get to eat with your fingers and share with your friends. Fingers, food, and friends: necessary and sufficient conditions for complete human fulfillment.