by Aroop

Though the tour has come to an end, I have a strange suspicion that we will be blogging more than we did on the trip itself. We attempted to capture much of what went down in Europe, but some narratives needed the entirety of the trip to reveal themselves.

This story is about Dave.

At mealtime, Dave was often the focus of attention. When he ate, he singularly resembled a pack of wild hyenas after an evening hunt. I once jokingly conjectured that Dave ate so fast that he couldn’t appreciate what entered his mouth. Looks like I was right.

Case #1: Ethiopean restaurant, Berlin, Germany

Dave’s inability to taste was just a joke until a certain Sunday night, when things started to get real. After a hard day’s busking around Berlin, BTD met up with Will Cappelletti for a well-deserved African feast. At the end of the meal, Will ordered pineapple ice cream. The dish arrived a few minutes later, served inside a hollowed-out pineapple. The presentation of the dessert was so creative that each of us demanded a taste. The ice cream was passed around the table.

“Wow, this is really good,” Auyon said.

“Great choice, Will. I can’t believe they served it in a hollowed-out pineapple!” Daniel exclaimed.

Dave took the dish and gave it a go. Puzzled, he squinted his eyes. “Very interesting,” he said, while still holding the pineapple in his bare hands and examining its contents. “I wonder… I wonder what flavor it is.”

Case #2: Italian restaurant, Venice, Italy

When you only have a few days in a country, it is difficult to survey its entire cuisine. That is, unless you are BuskTillDawn. When we didn’t order family style, we engaged in a healthy amount of exchange. It was an efficient way to diversify our intake, and it made for some fun bartering.

Enter Dave.

The currency was pizza and the amount was one slice. Auyon ordered something with mushrooms, Daniel meat, Dave anchovies, and I jumped for marinara.

Sometime around the end of the meal, Auyon asked Dave, “Dave could I grab a piece with an anchovy on it?”

Faithful to our system, Dave handed Auyon a slice (though, notably, with no anchovies, as they had been finished). Auyon pleasantly went about the rest his meal while Dave sat uncomfortably.


“Yeah what’s up,” Auyon responded.



“Well, can I have one of your slices too?” Dave asked, trying not to sound too impatient.

“Dave, I already gave you one. You finished it like 15 minutes ago.”

“Yeah, Dave. Auyon definitely gave you a slice,” Daniel and I contributed.

“Oh.” Dave thought for a second, furrowing his brow. “Wait.” His mind was racing. “That explains…There was this one piece in there that I swore tasted a little better than the rest, but I couldn’t figure it out. Well, shit, that must have been the piece you gave me.”

Case #3: French restaurant, Nice, France

Til now, it is not clear that Dave’s taste buds were arrested beyond elementary development. One could postulate that he may just be absent-minded when he eats.


In this event, Dave actively attempted to discern between flavors, and failed miserably.

The rest of the meal was not even relevant. We were eating french fries, with ketchup. Dave took a few, swabbed the dollop of ketchup, and then gave them a new home.

He smiled. “Wow. That ketchup. Definitely not Heinz.”

I looked at the ketchup packet.

Strike 3, Dave. You’re out.