It’s not the size of the coin…

by Dave

Busking, by definition, is a way to earn money, and it is of course a profession with a very long and rich history. There are many people for whom busking is their sole or primary source of income, and I’d wager that many of them earn a very decent living. I, on the other hand, busk as much for the experience as for the income (the former often being more notable than the latter), but I try to be careful not to talk about busking as though this is generally the case, for fear of getting flack from the busking world. So, please, continue generously tipping your local street-guitarists and acrobats. But for me, one of the best things about busking is when something other than a coin is dropped into my D.R. Over the years I’ve been given folded notes, cigarettes, phone numbers, business cards, fresh fruit, baked goods, candy, flowers, fake money, and once, a large cardboard cat.

Most recently, at the beautiful Sacre Coeur in Paris, a man with a large camera dropped us a business card, and we at busktilldawn love people with large cameras. God, those things are just… large and sexy. Anyway, we contacted this particular large-camera’d man, and he followed through by sending us some unmistakably large-camera-taken photos, which really made our day. So, here they are, for mass consumption, along with photos taken by one other stranger-with-large-camera (can we call them SWLC’s from here on? …. not to be confused with STWWGOPSC’s, or strangers-to-whom-we-give-our-pretty-small-camera) that we were fortunate enough to meet.

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