A little time

by Daniel

Hey guys, Daniel here.

The sudden absence of my fellow btd-ers has left a hole in my heart but also a nice little wedge of afternoon for blogging. Today was sadly the final day of our tour. The last few days in Paris have been wonderful–we’ve managed to squeeze in both activities that are new and exciting and also ones that embrace the cyclical nature of our journey. Paris was of course the place where it all began–the fertile soil, so to speak, in which the seed of our idealism took root and blossomed. A little over a year ago, Dave and I climbed to the base of the Sacre Coeur cathedral and, armed with a guitar and a pink toy keyboard from toys ‘R’ us, shocked ourselves by making ten euros in ten minutes with a couple poorly rehearsed Coldplay songs. What better place, then, to fulfill one of the final requests of the current trip by awing the crowd with a spine-tingling version of Miley’s Party in the USA? The last few days were full of such book-ends, from perfecting the “deliberately forgetting the corkscrew in order to have an excuse to talk to strangers” technique on the Champs-de-Mars park under the Eiffel Tower to a midnight Velib ride down abandoned one-way Parisian streets. After a month in entirely foreign places, Paris has a comfortable, familiar feel about it and we were happy to take our foot off the accelerator pedal, where it’s been tending for the last four weeks, and enjoy the scenery a little bit.

The last few days have been new in other ways, however–most importantly with the arrival of Dave’s girlfriend, BTD’er Emeritus Amanda Knorr, who, while not playing an instrument herself, brightened our performances so consistently by her mere presence that she might as well have been tickling the beams of a laser harp. She’s great, and I’m not just saying that because the Daniel-Amanda team CRUSHED Dave- Aroop at Psychic Terets (game description to come) like what a high-school dweeb has on the math-league championette. I think I speak for all of us in saying we were at our best with Amanda as our planted audience member, and would be thrilled if she ever chose to accompany us on any future B.T.enDeavors.

Right now, all aforementioned characters are 35,000 feet above the Atlantic, leaving me with the bittersweet responsibility of enjoying Paris all by myself. But though BTD is temporarily separated, rest assured we will continue to post videos of us making fools of ourselves in front of large crowds for weeks to come. And don’t worry, this project is far from over. In fact, there’s been talk of upping the ante a little bit, since Europe’s treated us so kindly. We want to travel to a place where people will really appreciate the effort we put in, instead of being just a dime-a-dozen. That’s right, you guessed it: coming Summer 2011, it’s BuskTillDawn: Antarctica.